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SPACE IS LIMITED: This offer is a highly-interactive training and we can work with ONLY 25 BUSINESSES at a time to help you double your net profit in 90 days GUARANTEED!

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TIME IS LIMITED: The Workshop is February 20th. 1p-3p Central Time. Register now!



Dear Entrepreneur or Business Owner,

There is no better time than NOW to double your profit of your business (Bottom line is the only thing that really matters for small to medium businesses-SMB's).

Don't exactly know how to do that? NO WORRIES... I will show you my step-by-step tactical formula, and if you implement it in your business, I GUARANTEE you will double your net profit in 60-90 days. (It will absolutely move the needle day 1).

The PROSPER Formula Workshop will show you exactly how we have taken hundreds of businesses through the P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Formula and doubled their profit.

According to the Small Business Association, in the U.S., there are over 2.27 million SMB's that have 2 or more employees. The average SMB's make 7% net profit. If your business does $1,000,000 in Gross revenue, the average net profit, after all expenses, is $70,000. That's not a lot for how hard you work. Less than 10% of SMB's make over 10% net profit! But that absolutely does not have to be you. Get the PROSPER Formula and grow your INCOME & IMPACT! Guaranteed!

To your success & impact,

Eddy Hill

P.S. We charge $3k - $5k a month to work one on one with a business, but this is a really unique time in the world so please take advantage of this limited time offer.

Meet Your Host:
Eddy Hill

“Eddy is truly a dynamic speaker and teacher. Eddy is known as the “master of motivation”. He is a natural cheerleader who inspires his audience with massive energy, humor and a message of “inspiration, motivation and perspiration”.

About Your Host


Edward Hill is a 2X number one Amazon International Best-Selling author, he’s the C.E.O./Founder of PROSPER Formula and Prosperous Internet Marketing, Inc. and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and dozens of radio stations, podcasts, and other media. Eddy has consulted and trained tens of thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs how to massively grow their businesses. He won the prestigious "Speaker of the Year" Award twice from the International Awards and Personalization Association.


Through his trademarked P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Formula  program, Eddy helps his clients set up specific systems to dramatically increase prospects, increase closing ratio, increase the order average, increase sales frequency, increase productivity, decrease expenses and increase retention. The result will absolutely double your profit.

Eddy’s 1st book, Prosperous Christian, The 10 Commandments of Godly Prosperity, was not ONLY number #1 in Professional Growth in the USA, but also #1 for Christian Living, #1 in Personal Growth, and #1 in Entrepreneurship in the US, Canada AND Mexico! 

Eddy's 2nd book, PROSPER Formula hit #1 in 3 countries and 4 different categories.

Eddy is truly passionate about helping business owners, and entrepreneurs.



Top 5 Things To Discover:

  • My Million Dollar Business Mistake: Learn The (5) Five Things To Do To Avoid Making The Same Mistake Yourself.

  • The Fastest & Easiest Way To Increase Your Profit Within 24 hours: This is just one of the 7 ways we increase your bottom line in the P.R.O.S.P.E.R Formula.

  • Set up Your Business For Long Term Growth & Success: We will strategically go into developing standard operating procedures that will serve you and your business for the long term.

  • Automated Systems: These are the cheat codes of how to increase your bottom line. 

  • ​How to Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Business: Most businesses are sold off of a multiple of their cash flow. I will show you how to dramatically increase your cashflow fast.


This Workshop is normally $497,

but you get it FREE because you pre-registered for the book.


  • Live Interactive Training: Learn, in detail, each ingredient that makes up the PROSPER Formula and exactly how to apply each one in your business.

  • Group coaching: After each ingredient, Eddy will open the floor for questions and specifically help you implement each tactic in your business.

  • Recordings: You get lifetime access to the training in the members portal, along with all your bonuses.

  • ​ Community: Connect with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and support each other through this live virtual training and beyond.

  • Implementation Workbook: Each ingredient has an accompanying worksheet to implement the tactics in your business.


  • 1 Hour Strategy Session with Eddy ($497 Value)

  • Private Facebook Group ($297 Value)

    3 BONUS Trainings

  • 7 "Al's" of A Balanced Life ($297 Value)

  • 4 Circles to Success ($297 Value)

  • Social Media RECIPE For Small Businesses ($397 Value)

Total Bonus Value: $1,785

No questions asked. If you don't feel like this is worth 10X what you paid for it, or if you don't like me or my dumb jokes or...whatever, just call our helpdesk Monday - Friday 8am-5pm Central time 850-542-8842 or email [email protected]

This Offer is Only Good Until February 20th 2024 at 1p Central Time.


Proven System: To help you implement seven strategic tactics that will absolutely increase your net profit. 

Interactive Experience: LIVE coaching and specific help with your business from me (Eddy Hill) with homework and assignments to help you make progress quickly.

See Results in as Little as 24 Hours:  Of the 7 tactics in the P.R.O.S.P.E.R. Formula, several of them will increase your profit immediately.

Community: Connect with like-minded business owners and entrepreneurs and support each other through this live virtual training and beyond.

Prizes: We are giving away over $3,000 of prizes including 1 on 1 coaching with Eddy, Prosperous Christian University Scholarship, personalized gifts and more.

Registration is EXTREMELY limited due to the high level of interaction with each business. We can only allow 25 businesses in the workshop at a time. If this page is online right now, then we have a few spots left.

DOORS CLOSE AT 1PM February 20th.

Let's take a peak inside the WORKSHOP


After working with thousands of small businesses over the years I’ve learned it all starts with your beliefs about yourself and your staff, in other words - mindset. It's about removing your head trash and aligning your thinking with the mega-successful. This will help you understand that there is plenty of gold to be had for all small businesses and some of it should be yours. So that’s where I start! We will cover...

  • How to create a new belief system that will create AMAZING results.

  • How to go deep and use your purpose to FUEL incredible ACTION!

  • How to have UNSHAKEABLE confidence in yourself, your BUSINESS and your future.


Next I'll take a deep dive on the exact skills you'll need to be successful. I'll give you the map of where the gold is hidden and how to get to it using specific tactical steps you can implement in your business to make massive improvements.

  • Abilities, Aptitude, Competency, Techniques, Proficiencies.

  • We will break down a few hard skills you must have to propel your business forward.

  • We will also breakdown a few soft skills you must have to make monumental improvements.

  • I'll give the fastest and most sure way to better your skills.


Next I'll show you the exact heavy pieces of machinery that will simplify your dig for the gold. Keep in mind, these are not simply shovels. They are backhoes and bulldozers.

  • Software and hardware are the cheat codes to the game of success.

  • How to skip over pitfalls, defeat your foes, speed up production, leapfrog your competition, minimize waste, and maximize your most valuable asset: your time.


Finally, I will inspire you to actually implement the ingredients of the PROSPER Formula and grow your business.

  • The foundational key to all success.

  • ELBs: The power of compounding tiny but relentless little improvements in seven key areas of your business that will dramatically grow your profit.

  • Action puts fear to flight

  • How to make definitive decisions quickly because MONEY FOLLOWS SPEED!

Does This Apply To You?

  • I work hard in my business, but I can't seem to put more money in my pocket.
  • I know for a fact other people who have similar businesses to mine are making a lot more money than I am.
  • I’ve tried several different forms of advertising and marketing, but none has made a dramatic improvement, that I can tell.
  • ​I want a system that I can plug into my business that can verifiably grow my business.
  • ​Someday I want to sell my business, so I need to increase it's value.

If any of this sounds like you,

you’ve come to the right place!

Here Are Just Some Of The Comments From People That Have Paid For Our Training Or Used or Services.


This Offer is Only Good Through February 20th, 2024 at 1p CST

The Simplest And Most Direct Path To Growing Your Business and Your Impact...

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